This small boy was crying because he wanted to dress like Krishna

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Jammu, August 25: So U4UVoice’s PhotoJournalist was out trying to capture in his frames little children throughout the city when he also visited the famous Sai Dam temple adjacent to Gole Market. He found many of these children who were dressed as cute little Krishna, the Bal Gopal. Here are some of the images for you to see.

This little boy who was blowing into the flute without knowing he had garnered some attention.

Janamashtami (9)

This lady who had come to take the blessings of Sai Baba  Janamashtami (7)

 This girl who was learning from her grandmother how to make offerings

Janamashtami (6)
 And performed a wonderful Aarti afterwards

Janamashtami (4)
This boy who had to be implored to smile and finally delivered

Janamashtami (1)

But then after coming out of the temple, this kid held by his sister Sunny was found with a sad face. U4UVoice spoke to his mother who said, “We are from Rajasthan and beg around gole market area to make a living. Sunny, who barely speaks at two-and-a-half years of age has been pointing at these children and crying since morning.”

Janamashtami (10)

Then we tried speaking with Sunny and he smiled a lovely smile. For most part he only hid his face but the emotion of how a little attention gave him happiness was mighty evident.

Janamashtami (11)

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