This teacher also sweeps floor of his school

Jammu and Kashmir

Zubair Khan a teacher from south Kashmir’s Kokernag, who loves his profession of teaching said he can sacrifice his life for the well being of the students.Teaching students from isolated parts of the society is his religion because, he was one among them before becoming their teacher.

“These underprivileged students don’t have resources to rely on. Hailing from a humble family background, I can understand, what does it mean to be at their position.” said Zubair. He is among those five teachers who give 13 classes a day to a total strength of 85 students.

He says that the best thing about his school is the method of their teaching. They don’t stick to traditional methods. He tells his student to think ‘out of the box’ rather than follow the same old track.

While saying this, he also said that in his school they focus on their students to stay high like ‘shaheens’,  but students should also not forget to stay grounded and humble. This is what make their school some what different from others teaching institute. He also said that at the end he is not only the the one who is on this track there are many unsung hero out there who are on their own roadmaps in shaping our nations future.

In his school peon comes once in a week to clean, that’s why after the school hours, he himself cleans the premises of the school because he believes that a school is the model of cleanliness.

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