This temple in North Kashmir is in a very dilapidated condition


Citizen Journalist Report by Sajad Ahmed lone

The Temple lies in the village of Nahama of District Kupwara situated on the banks of a canal and today is in a dilapidated condition. The Temple was built in 1977 by Kashmiri Pandits & was dedicated to Lord Shiva but after the exile of Kashmiri Pandits the temple was no longer worshipped. As such there was nobody to take care of it.

According to locals, there was an idol of Lord Shiva in the temple & nearly 25 families of Kashmiri Pandits used to worship there in the past but after their exile the idol disappeared from the temple.

A Kashmiri Pandit, Jawahar Lal Pandita, who was once a resident of this village and was visiting says, “After our exile we have visited the valley many times. Till 2001 the temple was in a good condition as little damage was done to shrine but after 2001, I found that some parts of temple were damaged; stones, bricks & timber were robbed and only the roof of the temple was left there.”


The Nambardar of the village explained, “As the temple is located on the bank of a canal, during the floods of 2014, the overflow of canal hit some parts of temple which brought the temple down. Before this, in 2007 there was cutting of trees in the area being carried out and a tree fell on the temple which also damaged a part of it.”

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