This traffic Naka in Jammu generates an income of 14 lakh per month; All Bribe


Jammu: According to the traffic police department of Jammu and Kashmir they are the most honest guys on the road, but from time to time reports have been reported from across which completely destroy their claim. According to such a media report, a traffic police check Post came into light when someone discovered that this post collects bribe money from trucks, bus drivers and other vehicles.It is estimated that the collection made by the department on this post reaches to the total of 14 lakh every month.

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The chain of corruption does not only ends here, any police personnel who needs a posting here have to bribe higher officials In order to get posting on that post. Report also alleged that thousands of vehicles come across that post every day and without giving a bribe one can’t pass through that post.Transport companies don’t have pay bribes every day they have fixed rates and only pay once a month collectively. Moreover, there are different rate fixed for the different type of vehicle.
On a very serious note report also stated that “traffic police officers had engaged some local youth to make the collection from vehicle operators on their behalf”.
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