Youth thrashes old couple in Chandigarh; caught on video


In this ANI video, you can see a young man thrashing an old couple without any fear while the bystanders just stand away as mute spectators. According to reports, the couple alleged that this youth is their neighbour and was in a drunk state when he started hitting the elderly couple.

The youth who has been arrested now said that the old couple had been spreading rumours about his mother and him, as is quoted by One India.

The police investigation in the matter is on and the truth is yet to be found out. U4UVoice, however, opines that even if what the youth alleges may have been the case, he should have approached the police or the court to settle the matter. This highly shameful and despicable act of a merciless public assault has only shown how violent the man is and even if the person is not lying, he is not going to go scot-free.


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