Thousands of Indians line up to swallow live fish for asthma cure in bizarre treatment


Thousands seeking relief from Asthma are lining up in southern India to swallow an unconventional treatment

More than 5,000 Indians have lined up in the country’s south, pinching their noses and sticking their tongues out, to swallow live fish in an unusual traditional treatment for asthma.

The wriggling 5cm-long murrel fish are slipped into the throats of patients in a bizarre treatment that leaves them gagging.

The Bathini Goud family, which administers the treatment, says the fish clear the throat on their way down and permanently cure asthma along with other respiratory problems.

But the family has declined to reveal the secret formula which they say they got from a Hindu saint in 1845.

Parents are often forced to pry open the mouths of reluctant children who cry at the site of squirming fish, while others pinch their noses, tip their heads back and close their eyes.

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