Three cheers for these Samba youths!


Jammu and Kashmir news


By Citizen Journalist Siddharth Gupta

To help a poor renal failure patient, a youth organization from Samba has come forward with public support and financial aid. Anuradha Rani, who is undergoing treatment at Life Care hospital, Jalandhar, is twenty two year old and hails from an extremely poor family in Tainth village of Samba. The patient is suffering from chronic renal failure as both her kidneys have failed.

A youth organization from Samba, namely, Crime Petrol has come forward to support, aiding her family financially. The organization collected Rs 2 Lakh and gave it to her family for the treatment.


Patient’s father, Bishan Dass, is a farm laborer and expressing his helplessness, he said that the only constraint in his daughter’s treatment is money.  Whatever he had, he has already spent on the occasional dialysis and the whole family was finding it difficult to meet the cost any further. He also told that his wife, patient’s mother, even decided to donate her kidney for the treatment. But an amount of Rs. 4 lakh was required to meet the pre and post operative cost along with purchasing the medicines for her entire treatment. The helpless family, seeing no option, resorted to public support and the organization youths provided them financial assistance of Rs. 2 lakh.

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