Three-day art exhibition begins in Jammu University



Pashyanti, A 3-days art exhibition of Black and White drawings by a renowned artist S.C Razdan, was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor, Prof. M.P Singh Ishar at Rinchen Bzangpo Art Gallery, University of Jammu. The presence of Lida Singh, The First Lady of the Campus, in this exhibition, also showed her keen interest in the artistic activities.

The concept of Subhash Chandar Razdan is art-expression and is having its roots from the Kashmir Tantras, associated with the vedic Mandalas. It has its origin in the seed-sound and space, also called “Shabda/nada- Brahman and Shunja” which resonates an Upanishadic understanding of the Absolute.


Subhash Razdan has developed these concepts in his drawings/paintings, which are based on the sacred geometry. This is his approach through PASHYANTI, as he visualizes these sound patterns, in his sub-conscious state of mind, and establishes them in his vaikhari for giving it a look of vibrant Pashyanti. It is an Aloka/visual expression of the Dhavni/sound.

The Vice- Chancellor complimented the Art Gallery and its Director Prof. Anita Billawaria for periodically organizing such art exhibition. He also said that by means of such activities university is not only promoting the young talented artists but also providing the opportunity for established artists like S.C. Razdan to show case their talent.

Among others Prof V.D SIngh, Director,DDE, Jai Kumar Sharma, Special Secretary to Vice-Chancellor, Prof Jasbir Singh, Provost, Hostels, Amar Nath Razdan, Rajinder Kumar Tikoo, Trilok Koul, Ranjeet Kalra, Asst.Director ASC, Dr. Khosa, Ramesh Hangloo, Gokul Dembi and Imran Farooq, PRO were also present on the occasion.
The exhibition will remain open from 10 a.m to 6 p.m till 27th April 2014.