Three rooms come crashing down at Mubarak Mandi Complex

Jammu, August 9: The Mubarak Mandi complex is the most important symbol of Dogra Dynasty’s heritage and it has been withering away, thanks to the negligence by successive governments.

Three rooms in a portion built opposite Rani Charika Palace and alongwith Toshakhana came crashing down yesterday. The only relief in this event is that no one was injured as the premises which housed food supply office earlier. The office had been shifted after this building  was declared unsafe. The recent two-day rains are being attributed with as causing the damage.


The Mubarak Mandi complex not very long ago was home to a number of government offices which were gradually shifted from the complex with a persistently weakening structure. At the moment only Toshakhana remains where some people perform their duties.

When the rooms at Toshakhana came crashing down, the employees were present. They came running out when they heard the sound of a blast.

Talking to U4UVoice, some of the workers reluctant to go to Toshakhana said, “This whole building has formed cracks and we are scared to death entering this premises on a daily basis. Now a portion has come down and they (officers) still want us to work from here.”

It is pertinent to mention that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti had recently visited the complex and talked about its revival into a prominent tourist spot in Jammu and Kashmir.

The refurbishment has happened slower than snail’s pace and one of the biggest reasons that the symbol of Dogra heritage is slowly getting wiped out from J&K.

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