Three terrorists behind Gurdaspur attack came from Pakistan


ScreenshotThe three terrorists who launched an attack, and caused havoc in Punjab’s Gurdaspur had come from Pakistan after crossing Ravi as per the GPS details obtained from the devices which were found on their person.

Punjab DGP Sumedh Singh Saini told that terrorists crossed the Dhussi bandh along the international and took the route along international border. On the way they came across the railway track where they planted bombs before coming to Dinanagar. Fortunately the bombs were detected timely, and there was no mishap.

Saini said that ultras used the route along the canals which are present on the international border, and slipped into India almost a week prior to the attack and they waited for an opportune moment to seize the initiative. Although the ultras could go to Jammu which has been a target of attacks for several year, they preferred to move into Punjab because of the tight security.

The GPS devices revealed that terrorists had sneaked into India from Narot-Jaimal sector of the international border with Pakistan. After entry into India they switched off the GPS sets but details of the coordinates of ultras in India could be obtained. The systems also showed tracking points of the terrorists, and it also indicated that they Gurdaspur civil lines on radar. A CCTV grab has also caught the three terrorists entering the DInanagar town in the wee hours of the morning.

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