Throwing away ATM slips is risky

Whenever we make a transaction using automated teller machine (ATM), and then a question pops up on the screen regarding “Would you like a printed receipt for your transaction ?”  Even though this question might seem simple but for your information your ATM slip has many random digits other than the amount deducted from the account and for that purpose you need to keep your slips safely in your wallet instead of throwing them in the dustbin.

Following points will clear it for you why you should not throw away your ATM receipts.

1. ATM receipt acts as a proof of your transaction

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Withdrawing money from the ATM is not a single step procedure as there are multiple steps involved in the whole process between the hardware of the automated teller machine, the code controlling the whole procedure and the main banking software responsible for allowing transactions. The lengthy procedure increases the probability of errors occurring in the system. Thus to eliminate the chances of errors or to correct the errors, banks will require ATM receipts.

2. It helps to keep a check on your money

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The ATM receipts prove helpful in keeping a check over your account balance since it will give you a clear message regarding the deductions done from your bank account. And if someone else is withdrawing money from your account, it will definitely be reflected on those ATM slips.

3. It nips cyber crime in the bud

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These ATM receipts are actually a lot valuable than tossing them away in the dustbins and the reason being hackers can make a great use of these receipts to decode the code printed on them and thus easily accessing your account.



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