Tiger division felicitates Veer Naris and widows of Jammu region


A seminar on welfare of Veer Naris and widows was organized at Tiger Sainik Institute, Satwari on 06 May.  Veer Naris and widows from Jammu region were invited for the seminar.  The event was chaired by Mrs Usha Singh, Chairperson Family Welfare Organisation, Tiger Division.  Welfare schemes for Veer Naris and widows relating to pensionary issues, medical, education and employment opportunities for their wards were explained in detail. Screening camps for Breast Cancer and dental were also organized.

Photos of Mrs Usha Singh Chairperson FWO felicitate Veer Naris (2)
Photos of Mrs Usha Singh Chairperson FWO felicitate Veer Naris (1)

In addition, registration for Aadhar Card and Ex-Serviceman Contributory Health Scheme was carried out. Army Postal Service briefed them about various investment schemes under Field Post Offices. Scholarships for children and other welfare schemes by Centre, State Govt and Army were also highlighted. Welfare Officers from various brigades as well as Zila Sainik Board were also present for the event.  Informal interaction with the Veer Naris and Widows over tea and lunch provided a sense of belonging, affection and genuine concern for their welfare. Problems brought out by some of the Veer Naris were noted for prompt remedial action. The Veer Naris and Widows expressed their genuine gratitude that they continue to be taken care of and the sacrifices by their husbands are honoured by a grateful Army.

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