Time bound judicial probe demanded into lathi charge on NIT srinagar students

Protests in Jammu for NIT Srinagar (13)Team Jammu, a civil society group has demanded a judicial probe by a sitting judge to probe into the violence at NIT Srinagar and untold atrocities on out-station students. The members demanded a time bound probe and fix responsibilities on police officials who were responsible for the brutal lathicharge and severe injuries to the students.

The civil society group also warned BJP that it should not take people for granted and try to colour the students protest as an administrative issue. The members also demanded that allegation made by non-local students as to how the NIT staff, administration and local police along with people in neighbourhood were constantly harassing them should be thoroughly looked into and appropriate action should be taken. They also demanded that faculty members who indulge in anti-students actions should face action as this was against ethics of being good teacher.

Members of Team Jammu also took out a rally which started from historic Mubarak Mandi and concluded at City Chowk. The rally was addressed by prominent citizen leaders and residents of Jammu who participated in the rally in large numbers. Slogans were also raised against Deputy CM Nirmal Singh for taking such a serious issue non-seriously and terming a brutal attack on students as a mile lathi charge. A team Jammu leader said that attack on students was perpetrated by some black sheep in the police department who also snatched the national flag from the innocent students.

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