Time for BJP to introspect, re-strategise to win Jammu back

IMG-20150803-WA0012 - CopyBJP which is facing all the brunt in the AIIMS agitation must strategize and find a way to resolve the AIIMS issue which has put the party in a peculiar situation, and cornered it. Despite the fact that the party is in power both in the state, and the centre, the failure of the state leadership to deliver on this sensitive issue is being termed as betrayal which is only partially true, and does not give the complete picture. However, the party has clearly lost ground, and failed to group together, has not been able to read the sentiments of it’s voters, and clearly failed to gauge the popular mood.

It is very important for the state BJP leadership to unite ranks, and stop behaving like a party which has lost its grooving, and must also recall that its support base is Jammu, and it has to retain it at all costs.

BJP has not been able to overcome the historic baggage of being a party which has remained in opposition for 6 decades that has suddenly got power. This is a very peculiar situation for the state leaders as majority of them in their entire public life have remained in opposition, carried out agitations, and opposed the government at every forum.

This is the reason that when thrust into power they look a bit disoriented, confused, and are finding it difficult to match the politics of opportunism, and domination practised by PDP.

The failure of the national leadership to send a clear message to the state BJP, and its willingness to placate PDP on various issues of even national importance has also sent the state leadership into a spin. There are also some leaders in the state who have not been able to strike proper balance between power, and the responsibility, and are being seen by people, and their voters as power hungry.

BJP leadership in J&K should not only deliver results to the people of Jammu but also look like they are aligned with people of this region. It is high time the central and state leadership comes together, and discusses the AIIMS issue, take the leadership of AIIMS coordination committee into confidence and find a joint way forward.

Arguing that the bandh is the handiwork of Congress and NC is not the right diagnosis because unless Jammu supports the strike call it would never be so successful. And even if these parties are supporting the agitation then it should be even more worrying for the BJP because within a year it has yielded enormous ground to the opposition in a region which it considers as it’s backyard. It is time to introspect, and re-strategize for the BJP to make a comeback in Jammu.