Time for Govt to act against those who misused Roshni Act to grab land


Jammu and Kashmir

After a lot of pressure being put on the government over inaction against the corrupt officialdom, and land encroaching mafia the state government has finally decided to crack the whip through the vigilance organization. It is likely that action would first be initiated against those who misused the infamous Roshni Act of 2001 for grabbing state land under this act. The vigilance department in fact has registered cases against a number of government officials for granting ownership of state land to people who were encroachers, and had no right over the state land.


It has been revealed that entire brass of revenue officials from top to bottom were involved in irregularities which included fudging of records, and passing of state land to private individuals for pecuniary reasons. The land fraud has happened across the state in all districts, and wherever the land sharks have found land they have colluded with revenue officials to encroach it.

The need of the hour is to punish those who perpetrated the massive fraud, and led to loss to the exchequer while helping criminals make crores of rupees at the cost of tax payers money. The need is to bring the accused to book without giving any rope to them to escape punishments, and run away scot free as it happens usually in cases involving the rich and powerful. The prosecution of the well connected officials, and powerful land sharks will send a clear signal that the new government means real business, and it wont tolerate corruption, and land grabbing under it’s reign.