Time for more effective response to silence Pak guns

Teenager injured in Pakistan firing in JammuTime has come for an effective response against the Pak forces on the Line of Control and International border as despite repeated warnings the enemy has not refrained from hitting the Indian side. After a brief lull, Pak army on Monday night once again resumed heavy shelling and firing Mendhar, and Rahouri districts. A number of army forward posts, and civilian hamlets new the LoC in Balakote, Mankote, and Manjakote were targeted by Pak shelling.
Pak Rangers also targeted villages on the International borderin RS Pura sector triggering panic in the area. Officials said that Pakistan army was targeting civilians who live in villages close to the LoC.

The situation is bad in Balakote where Pakistani forces are firing mortar shells on houses of villagers. Locals said that unless Pak forces are taught a thorough lessen things are not going to improve. Pak shells are landing in the civilian areas as a result of which there has been great panic among the people. Mortars of 120 mm, 82 mm and heavy machine guns are being used by Pak army to target the Indian positions, and villages. Tired by the incessant firing from across the border some of the locals said that they will migrate to safer places whereas other said that they want Indian government to punish Pakistan for attacking them.

A local resident said that how can a nation keep silent when it’s citizens were forced to suffer from a war like situation by an enemy. The BJP government had promised that it will silence the
Pak guns forever but the situation has worsened rather than improving, he added. Sources meanwhile said that large number of people were silently migrating to other safer areas as soon as they get a chance as things were unlikely to improve in near future.
Locals also want PM Modi to deliver the promise of silencing Pak guns once voted to power.

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