Time for traffic police to curb runaway matadors, drivers on Jammu roads

overloading in matadorTime has come for the traffic police to take cognizance of the problems being created by matadors in Jammu which violate rules wantonly, and have no fear of the cops altogether. Despite repeated complaints of overloading, rash driving, and most importantly of playing music at very high volume no action has been taken because of the collusion of the authorities in this trade.

Matador industry are a major source of corruption on the roads as these vehicles ply without any rules, and regulations, and grease every palm which is involved in regulating the movement of these vehicles. Despite the claims of Jammu and Kashmir government that it will curb corruption in every field, the result on the ground has been negligible as things have remained the same, and people feel there are no curbs on corruption.

This is the reason that matadors are being driven rashly, and without any check on music being played in violation of rules. Passengers have to suffer the brazenness of the drivers, and conductors because they know nothing is going to happen even if they lodge complaints with the police. In fact, the songs being played in these matadors are often vulgar, and subject college girls to lot of embarrassment but despite that no action is taken against the erring persons.

Interestingly, as per the rules no sound system is allowed in passenger vehicles in the state, and they are being played against the rules.

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