Time has come for Jammu region to get Duggar channel


Amar Singh Palace, Dogra Art Museum,While the state has got DD Kashir channel people in Jammu region want to know why no one has ever given a thought to setting up Duggar channel which cater to not only Jammu province but also to areas beyond line of control where this language is spoken. Jammu has a large population which speaks Dogri, and it’s sister languages, it has an illustrious history behind it, there is enough culture and literature which is the reason people are demanding a regional channel. Jammu kings changed the history by first carving out this state, and then taking the frontiers to Tibet, and Baltistan, and Gilgit. The valour of Dogras has been written in numerous history books, and it needs to be saluted, and recalled today so that the present leadership of this region also becomes bold and brave.

Jammu region has stood as a strong bulwark against anti-national forces, and supported the Indian nation at all times. It has contributed to every sphere of the society, and produced men and women of eminence who have made a mark in politics, economy, industry, art, culture, music and drama. Keeping these contributions in mind the demand of the people to set up a Duggar channel is genuine, and should get the support of the politicians, and civil society. Duggar channel can also give a boost to other languages in this region which include bhaderwahi, poonchi, gojri, mirpuri and pahari which are spoken in the hilly parts of the province. This channel can also cover more area as compared to DD Kashir, and give access to Indian programming to people living in Pak occupied Kashmir as well.

There is huge population living across the border which speaks the same languages as we do, and it will be in the interest of the nation that such a channel is set up soon as it caters to both local, and natonal interests.

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