Time has come to modernize J&K police, reward cops for dedication, duty

The Jammu and Kashmir police has played an important role in tackling militancy in the state, and made numerous sacrifices for cause of the nation. It has challenged the terror operators despite having inadequate resources, and has also developed a good quality local intelligence network to neutralize terror groups. In the wake of the great performance of the police, which has been occasionally marred by acts of some corrupt officials, it is time for the government to carry out a massive re-organization of the state police and provide it adequate resources to carry out it’s duties. There is also need to create adequate support structure to policemen, and their families.

There is need to increase the number of rank and file as time and again police has been found wanting as the number of men is less. Enough accommodation needs to be created for cops, and their families, barracks for them to stay in police lines, and police stations, enough vehicles, modern weapons, safety net for families, health facilities, insurance, educational facilities, and also every other thing needed by these men so that they are not distracted from performing their jobs.

The state must ensure that they are cared, and their families are cared for so that policemen should feel safe and secure. Adequate transport, communication facilities and every resource needed for maintaining law and order, and fighting terror needs to be upgraded. Not only this there is strong need for enhancing the crime prevention, and detection ability of the department as there is increase in crime taking place in the state, particularly cyber crime.

In the wake of the challenges faced by the state police it is imperative that union home ministry should immediately take up this matter, and release adequate funds for making J&K police fighting fit, and ready to take on the adversary.

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