Time to show strength of Dogras: Ch Lal Singh


KATHUA: In an impressive gathering of Panchas and Sarpanchas at Mahanpur, Ch Lal Singh gave a clarion call to the general public to gear up for the forthcoming Parliament election to decide the future of Jammu.

Ch Lal Singh said that J&K is the integral part of India only because of Jammu and any attempt to demean the people of Jammu can be counterproductive.

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He expressed his anger and dismay that the people of Jammu province, who always stood for nation and sacrificed everything to maintain its sovereignty, have been marginalized and an attempt is being made to destabilize the rich heritage and culture of Dogras.

He pledged that all those forces trying to sabotage the cause of Jammu, shall be exposed and DSS shall made them to lick dust in the coming election of Parliament.

“DSS assures that Unity in Diversity, which is the spirit of Dogra culture, shall be maintained at all cost,” he said and lambasted some sections of the society which highlight the terrorist organization and demean the martyrdom of soldiers through different medium on behest of the separatists.

Ch Lal Singh appealed to the Prime Minister of India that it is not only the youth of Kashmir who is sufferer but the youth of Jammu is also suffering in spite of having the nationalist feeling and very deep respect towards the national flag.

“The youth of Jammu is suffering only because of the Kashmir,” he added. While addressing the gathering, Dr Hari Dutt Shishu, general secretary DSS, said that the forthcoming election is going to be a litmus test for all the Dogras of Jammu and DSS shall have a landslide victory on both constituencies of Parliament.

“This is going to be a historical election when Dogra flag shall be unfurled in the Parliament for the first time ever in the history of J&K,” he remarked. Suresh Gupta, organizer DSS, also addressed the gathering and appealed the public to stand with DSS. Balbir Singh, Er Mohan Malagar, Narinder Bhau, Wazid Khan and Raghav Khajuria also participated in the meeting.

Ram Naresh , president DSS of Basholi Mahanpur area and many other Panchas and Sarpanchas had jointly organized the gathering and they pledged all support to DSS in the coming election.