Tips to crack JKCET in two months

It does not matter how much you have scored in Class 12. Taking an entrance test is altogether a different experience. But the only question that arises in one’s mind is – how to crack it? As per the official notification, exam is going to be held in the month of May. There are few tips and tricks which can be followed to crack JKCET.


Keep yourself focussed on the topics which carry more marks. It is better to focus on the topics of higher weightage than lower weightage. For instance, Kinematics, Optics, Wave motions is more important and Mechanics.


Revision is the key to crack this entrance examination. Read all the important points from the NCERT textbooks and practice all the formulas so that you can easy recall them in the exam. For a subject like Mathematics, practice is the only key. Revise it again and again.

Practice sample papers

If you want to get a grasp over solving question paper within given time, it is advisable to practice sample papers of the past years. The essential factor here will be time management. In order to make yourself more comfortable for the main exam, it is mandatory that you feel the pressure and learn to cope with it.

Strengths and weaknesses

Now, is the time to draw a clear line between your strengths and weaknesses. If you feel that you do not have a hold on difficult topics, devote more time to the difficult sections and lesser time to the easy section. Work upon your weak points and then no one can stop you to get what you want.

Time management

You will have ample time to use social networking websites later, but for now if you really want to exploit the technology for your benefit, invest your time in solving online question papers and increase your speed.


Complete your syllabus and revisions within the stipulated time. Revisions are must for self-improvement thus keep practising mock tests as they can help you to analyze your strong and weak points.

Negative marking

Do not forget that there is negative marking. For each wrong answer 0.25 marks will be deducted. It is advised not to solve questions with guessing.

Reference Books

Focus on the NCERT textbooks as most of the questions are asked from those books only. There are various other objective books which can be used to solve the questions like Pradeep’s Objective Physics, Chemistry, Objective mathematics by R.D Sharma, Biology by Trueman and you can also refer the modules of Aakash Institute.

“Nothing worry having comes easy”

Keep working hard, Good luck to all the readers.

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