To check Dal price rise Govt must support prices, improve productivity, and help small farmers

government rationThe failure of the government to check the rising prices of pulses especially the Tur dal is causing lot of problems to the common man. Despite sustained raids by the authorities which has recovered almost one lakh tonnes of pulses from 13 states. In fact a cabinet meeting was also called to discuss the resolve the problem as this was causing serious discontent. In Jammu and Kashmir also the rising prices of pulses, and other essential items have led to serious unrest among the people who are now questioning the acche din promise of the Modi government.

Experts however said that while traders may be responsible for some extent to price rise but real reason for dal price rise is that production of pulses especially Tur has gone down with farmers as they prefer other crops. Dal is produced mostly by small farmrs, and the new produce is yet to arrive in the market as the harvest is just completed. The current produce being sold was harvested in November 2014-2015, and came to market in May 2015.

Also Tur dal is produced just in Kharif season, and this is the reason that it’s price has exceeded the highest. Also demand during festival season is high, and traders try to gain the maximum benefit by selling pulses which are in short supply at high price. The monsoon failure in last two years, and little support from government has also not helped the cause of the farmer despite India being the largest producer of pulses, and also consumer. However the one thing which goes against it is the very low productivity of the pulses farmers which stands at 700 kg per hectare whereas Egypt produces 4 times more.

Also pulse farming is largely dependent on rainfall and erratic rain fall has not helped it. In such circumstances the governments across the country, and particularly J&K needs to support farmers with minimum support price, improving productivity through various measures, and by bringing this area under irrigation as soon as possible.

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