To counter Pakistan in J&K, India needs to support Baluch nationalism, PoK protesters

Perhaps time has come for India to shed its soft state image against Pakistan as well as China both of whom have taken India for granted. Pakistan has no inhibition in arming ultras, giving them money and support to cross the border and wreak havoc on innocent people in Jammu and Kashmir. India however has not been successful in neutralizing the Pak threat as despite putting pressure on Pakistan that country is not ready to stop the terror
operators as they are considered strategic assets.

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There is no doubt that under Modi government, the retaliation on the border is swift and more than proportionate. The Pakistanis are also alleging that India is fuelling the fire in Balochistan where a strong local insurgency is brimming against Pak state and army. The recent arrest of an India national by ISI terming him a spy has further revealed how flustered Pak forces are with the growing freedom movement in Balochistan where Pak army is crushing
the peoples’ movement.

In comparison, the Indian security forces are handling the ground situation in Kashmir quite mildly and this is the reason that village mobs are attacking them with stones, and mocking the soldiers during encounters. There is also demand for removal of AFSPA that has been espoused by over-ground workers and pro-separatist media.

Indian government must take into cognizance the dissent prevailing in Baluchistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and try to put pressure on Pakistan, and corner it by helping those demanding freedom from Pak tyranny. Only when India arm-twists Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies and put pressure on its government then the situation is likely to improve India. There is strong need to raise the cost of this unequal war for the neighbouring country tell experts as right now it is far cheaper for them to keep India under threat and relations on boil forever.

India should take up the cause of Baluch freedom fighters and youth in PoK who fighting political and armed oppression of the Pakistan state, and its deep state. In PoK, there are regular police crackdowns against people demanding their due political and economic rights trampled by Pakistan government. India needs to rake up these issues nationally and internationally to counter Pakistani propaganda on Kashmir. Only when it pays back the enemy in same coin that things would normalize.

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