To nix corruption in J&K, Vigilance calls for e-tendering, online payments


The State Vigilance Department has proposed a number of measures, and written to the government to implement the same if corruption is to be checked in the state. One of the most important measures is to introduce e-tendering in all departments which would introduce transparency in awarding contracts which is the main source of corruption. Secondly, payments to all contractors, and others scholarships and doles should be made through bank accounts. There have been several allegations that payment through cheques should be discarded as it has become a massive source of corruption. Despite recommendations to the government there are only few departments in the state which have adopted the e-tendering system.

It has been suggested that payment of old age pension, widow pension, and other doles paid by Social Welfare department should be paid through bank accounts directly into the account of beneficiary, and not through cheques. There is a general consensus that majority of the government departments were no embracing e-tendering because it could lead to massive undercutting of corruption. Sources in the vigilance opine that if central government can create aadhar cards for almost 70 crore people in the country then there is no reason J&K cant make payments online, and directly to beneficiaries.

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The vigilance organization has also suggested that documents such as state subjects should be made online, and the process should be streamlined as people face lot of hardships to obtain these, and in the process lot of corruption also takes place. It has also suggested that voter list of 1951 which is needed for making state subject certificates should be kept by DCs so that people don’t have to run here and there. The department has also said that building by-laws and permissions should be made flexible to nix corruption in municipal and civic bodies.