To prevent youth from joining militancy, police start new operation


SRINAGAR:  In a bid to prevent Kashmiri youth from joining militancy, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have started a new operation whereby the indoctrination can be tackled by trapping them well in time.

Sources said as a part of this new operation to counter militancy, the police are keeping track of the activities of the youth in the age group of 15 to 30 years and are using intelligence network to see if any of them are feared to join militancy.

Officials said one dozen youth have already been arrested from north and south Kashmir in the last two days as a part of the new operation to prevent indoctrination. The arrested youth, as per the police, were planning to snatch weapons from policemen in Pulwama and Baramulla districts in the coming days as a “test for recruitment in the militant groups.”

“They (militant groups) wanted each of these youth to snatch weapons from security forces as test of their courage but before any such deadly act we managed to foil the plan,” said a police official on the condition of anonymity.

He said the arrested youth have confessed before the police that were about to join militancy in the coming days and were planning to snatch weapons from the security forces.

Sources said the police had been keeping track of various social media groups where some elements were found involved in the indoctrination. It was reliably learnt that apart from Whatsapp and Facebook, one application by the name of Telegram was popular among such elements.

Sources said after working on the plan for months, the police had been able to use it to single out such youth who are vulnerable to join militancy.

A senior police official said some stone pelters in particular were under the radar of the government forces for their activities.

Talking to Early Times, a senior police official said that social media was being used by the militant networks to lure youth towards militancy.

“Most of these handlers are sitting back in Pakistan and trying to lure Kashmiri youth. Our youth must understand that such people only want death and destruction in the state,” the police official said.

He however said more arrests were expected in the coming days.

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