To reform education: Either privatize Govt schools or ask bureaucrats to send children to state schools


Bizarre punishment in government schoolsThe education department in Jammu and Kashmir has remained in a morass despite the promises made by the coalition government. Nothing has changed in the department despite the change in governments, and corruption, nepotism, and irregularities were, and remain the hallmark. This organization which should have paved the way with honesty and integrity as it is involved with the future of our children has lead to a situation where the image of the teacher, and an educationist which is considered to be pious has been badly affected. There are problems in rationalization of schools, transfer of teachers, lack of teachers, and unwillingness on part of the staff to teach in backward areas, and hilly terrains. The schools also lack basic facilities, and this is the reason that private schools are functioning, and beating the government run institutions hands on.

The seriousness of the problems can be gauged from the fact that recently a senior Education Officer in Kashmir Valley hired 137 persons under Contingent Paid Employees Scheme who were later regularized as class IV officers. The inquiry into the appointment process revealed that the appointment orders were fake, and fraudulent, in violation of all norms, and all the documents submitted by these candidates pertaining to age, educational qualifications, and others were fake. This is not a single problem but such problems have remained infested in the administration of the entire state but education department is worst affected by this corrupt practices.

The need of the hour in such a situation is either to privatize the entire education system in the state, and allowing the private players to run these schools. The government instead of paying salaries to lakhs of teachers could pay fees of the students which need education, learning or support. The other way could be implementing the directions of Allahabad High Court, and ensuring the children of all government employees from the peon to state chief secretary, and that of education department study under one roof. Unless this happens the rot in the education system which plagues the entire state, and also the country will not end.