To stop absenteeism in Govt offices will bio-metric attendance help in J&K?


BIOMETRICJammu and Kashmir is known to be among the most corrupt, inefficient state with zero accountability in 95 per cent of the officialdom. Be it schools, hospitals, health centres, and other government offices-majority of them see absenteeism on a massive scale which puts a question mark on the very need of this complex machines which voraciously consumes every resource available but only produces garbage.
Government schools are in a shambles, the roads never withstand a monsoon, power cuts are perpetual, police is always running after criminals never able to pre-empt them and these stories are a legion.

Under such circumstances, one good initiative which has come to improve the efficiency and productivity of government offices is the introduction of bio-metric attendance system linked with Aadhar that aims to cut down the absence of government officials from their jobs during the working hours. The attendance register maintained by government offices is just for ceremonial purpose as there is no accountability among the line and staff apart from the executive class which is a law unto themselves.

The State Administrative Council in February had directed the introduction of this system in the state, and it was expected that all government offices would have it by March 31. But it seems there is lot of opposition to the attendance system as it will ensure the government employees have to remain in office or come back to office to mark attendance which is definitely going to cut back on their royal lifestyle.

In the interest of people of the state and also of the country who pay billions of rupees as taxes which is pumped in Jammu and Kashmir there is a strong need to ensure accountability and efficiency of government staff and most importantly their presence in the offices.