To support Army, Jan Sena off to Kashmir: Around 1000 ‘Saadhus’ to fight stone-pelters


New Delhi: Chetan Mahapuri, head of a Kanpur-based religious organisation, Jansena, along with his group of sadhus will dare the stone pelters at Jammu and Kashmir.

According to media reports, the Sadhu said that he was training people to teach a lesson to stone pelters who harm India’s unity. He further informed that thousand will leave for Jammu &Kashmir on May7. Jansena, is training men and women to take on stone pelters in Kashmir.
Additional squads od sadhus can be despatched if the need arises. As of now, they are still awaiting a nod from the authorities.

Jan Sena founder, Balyogi Arun Puri Chaitanay Maharaj had earlier informed the media that they have decided to go ahead with the proposed plan under the ‘Yudha Vijay Yagya’ despite the authorities forbidding them from doing so.


A SELF-PROCLAIMED saint from Kanpur has claimed to have raised a “Jan Sena” (people’s army) of 13,000 people, and intends to travel to Kashmir with 1,000 of them to fight stone-pelters who have been attacking Indian soldiers. The sadhu, Balyogi Arun Puri Chaitanya, says he has been training volunteers from Kanpur and adjoining districts to throw stones for the last few months, and would leave for Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday. He has also said he would perform a yajna at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on May 10.


Chaitanya said he also planned to visit Poonch, and Krishna Ghati, where the Pakistanis killed and mutilated the bodies of two Indian jawans.

“We will stay at both places — Poonch and Krishna Ghati — for two days. If we come across any stone-pelting incident, we will stand with the Army and paramilitary forces and fight the stone-pelters. People from Kanpur and adjoining districts will leave for Srinagar via Delhi tomorrow,” said the 31-year-old “saint”.

Chaitanya, who heads the ‘Prabhu Kripa Ashram Sidhnath’ in Kanpur’s Jajmau locality, said he had written to the Prime Minister last month, seeking permission to join the Army and paramilitary forces to take on stone-pelters in Jammu and Kashmir.

Kanpur District Magistrate Surendra Singh said that upon coming to know of the group’s training programme, and plans to travel to Kashmir, he had asked Kanpur Senior Superintendent of Police Akash Kulhary to take appropriate action.

When contacted, the SSP said he had come to know that about five persons from Kanpur would try to go to Srinagar via Delhi tomorrow. Local intelligence sources say that people from other places would be joining the group in Delhi, the SSP said.

Police denied any knowledge of volunteers being trained to throw stones in Kanpur.

UP Cabinet Minister and government spokesperson Sidharth Nath Singh said the state government believes that violence has no place in a democracy. Action would be taken against anybody who indulges in violence and takes the law in their hands, Singh said.

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