Today’s rains washed away houses or their walls or their base in Qasim Nagar


Jammu July 9: Qasim Nagar is located on the way to Bahu Fort from Gandhi Nahar or Narwal Side in Jammu for those of you who did not know where Qasim Nagar is located. By now all of us know about the flooding of houses in various areas in Jammu and have expressed our discomposure over how the authorities have not done anything about sewerage which is why the flooding happened in Jammu today.

Nobody, however, knows about the problems of Qasim Nagar that is on the right side of the road when you are on your way to Bahu Fort. The area is mainly habituated by poorer sections and many houses in the area are not pucca. Every year, the houses that line the nullah get washed away or get damaged where the walls or bases of the houses get washed away.

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Politicians frequent the area every year too and make big promises but since these people are not a major vote-bank, good days never materialise for them. These are a forsaken people and their voices do not reach the authorities because they obviously are not the affluent members of the society where they can simply dial some numbers and get the work done.

Is the government looking at these pictures?