Top Three Relationship Killers!


1. Controlling and changing your lover:
Humans are free winged animals. In the event that one attempts to force control, the other will oppose. In the event that you genuinely love your accomplice, at that point, you would prefer not to change or control them. Rather you help them develop, gleam and become better. Their prosperity turns into your prosperity; their disappointment is your disappointment. You feel their sorrows and enjoy their happiness.

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If you wish to change or control them, at that point you only need to possess them, and in the issues of heart, there’s nothing like owning anybody.

2. Hearing not understanding:
This is one issue where the hardest work is required. People hear, however they don’t try to understand. They hear what they want to hear, in light of their presumptions, assumptions, and encounters. Notwithstanding when the other individual is clarifying his/her perspective, we contort the words to fit best with our own worries and attitude.

Why even hear, when you would prefer not to understand him/her?

It is important to understand that when one whines, it’s not on the grounds that one wants to create a scene. That is on the grounds that one is truly annoyed by something one has done and needs to find a way to fix the issue. Simply, embrace each other and ensure you will be there for him/her.

In this way, tune in to your accomplice. Their words are a window to their heart, soul, and psyche.

3. Outsider Interruption:
Interruption dependably ruins things between two individuals. At whatever point you will share your matters with an outsider to your relationship, things will get more complex, primarily on the grounds that individuals gave advice dependent on their (positive and negative) encounters/understanding. On occasion, other people have over-shadowed our perspective, which made things messier and dirtier. Furthermore, learn to expect the unexpected. You need to clear the chaos yourselves.

So, never give anybody a chance to meddle in your issues – be it your parents, kin or companions. Continuously settle your issues together, talk, tune in, comprehend and find a way to fix what is broken – nothing can’t be patched if both of you really need to be with one another.

Relations are delicate. They take a very long time to shape and minutes to break. Never let false impressions, miscommunications, questions, jealousies and sick emotions break a lovely connection.