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Tosha maidan should be declared a spiritual site: Kashmir Society

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Keeping in view the various statements given in media by various spokespersons of the ruling party that Tosha Maidan will not be further allowed to be used as firing range. The Kashmir Society has made an appeal to the concerned that in case this decision materializes Tosha Maidan should be declared as a spiritually valuable heritage site. Khwaja Farooq Renzushah, chairman of Kashmir Society has already said that all the concerned parties should take a unanimous decision in an amicable manner after taking consent from all concerned. Since various spokespersons of ruling party have made their stand clear, it seems that they have succeeded in reaching a mutually acceptable solution about Tosha Maidan.
Kashmir Society chairman Khwaja Farooq Renzushah pointed out that in the entire Maidan there are heritage places and after its vacation by army it should be declared spiritually high valued heritage site. He said that this Maidan was known as Tosha Maidan as Pashmina and Shahtoos goats were being reared in this area which proved to be helpful to our age old handicrafts industry. He said that Hazrat Bulbul Shah arrived from this route to Kashmir and there are holy shrines of Hazrat Bulbul shah, Hazrat Shaikh-ul-Alam also who has stayed there for 12 years, Hazrat Lala Shah and holy spring of goddess Sita on the bottom of Tosa Maidan at Sitaharan village. He added that holy Kashyap Rishi spring exist on the top of the Maidan. He also said that en route to maidan historic Abhinav Gupta caves are existing there. He said that Lala Shah’s Alaam is one of the spiritual places in the vicinity of Nine Angans (Compound).  The places where Bulbul shah and Shaikh-ul-Alam have stayed at Dumdum also exists there. He said Bargah has been quoted by various scholars and poets in their chronicles which is also in Tosha maidan while referring Kadlabal, Chinamarg, Angan Kani hear, Handwa and other such places are existing in Tosha Maidan which are of paramount importance from pilgrimage tourism, historical and spiritual point of view. He said that amicable solution of Tosha maidan should be made between all concerned parties so that whether it is transfer order or lease order which is expiring on 16 April 2014 and on mutually acceptable solution can be replaced by issuing shifting order. He said mutual amicable solution shall prove beneficial for all persons including people of that area and ensuring to attract more tourists to the valley of Kashmir.

By CJ : Rafiq ahmad

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