Toxic smog hangs over Delhi in 1952 London redux


NEW DELHI: Delhiites breathed poison today with pollutants touching calamitous levels, as a thick grey smog hung low across the region, prompting the Government to declare closure of schools till Sunday.

Authorities in the city scrambled to tackle the “emergency” situation as hospitals recorded a surge in the number of patients complaining of respiratory problems, reminiscent of the ‘1952 Great Smog of London’.

The smog, which triggered near zero visibility at many places and pile-ups on highways, is a mixture of carbon monoxide, particulate matter such as PM2.5, PM10, ground level ozone and oxides of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide, the Delhi Government said in a health advsiory.

The Delhi Government announced that all schools in the national capital would remain closed till Sunday in view of the “unbearable” air pollution.

The metro and Delhi Transport Corporation announced decisions to augment services by pressing more trains and buses into service, in a bid to reduce dependence on private vehicles.

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