Trading in Endangered Animals, Articles from their Organs is like Dealing in Intoxicating Drugs: High Court


The Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court held that trading in items made from endangered wildlife or their remains is as harmful as the trade of drugs. Hearing the petition of the All Fur Traders and Manufacturers Association, Justice Sanjeev Dhar observed that no one has any right to rehabilitation in such a case. The 19 fur traders associated with the association have said in the petition that their business came to a standstill due to the implementation of the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Protection Act, 1978. In view of the complete ban on the fur trade, they should be rehabilitated by the government.

The court said that the activity that can destroy any wildlife’s existence could cause severe damage to the environment. Therefore, such action cannot be accepted in any society. Such activities have been strictly prohibited by making constitutional provisions. The court said that the petitioner was well aware that the business they were engaged in could be stopped at any time.

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The court also upheld the decision of the committee headed by the Divisional Commissioner to limit the benefits of rehabilitation to the artisans of fur products. The court said that the rehabilitation of artisans and deprivation of business people, in any case, is not a violation of Article 14 of the facility. He said that under Article 51-A included in the fundamental obligations of the Constitution, every citizen is expected to be sensitive towards forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife.