Traffic ASI pulled inside minibus and thrashed


Jammu, July 25: The relationship between the traffic police and the minibus drivers/conductors is often of the stick and verbal tiffs. To see the traffic police and minibus operators involved in an altercation is a common sight anywhere in the city.

It is generally the traffic cops bringing matador operators to task but this time the tables turned. According to a report in Amar Ujala,yesterday afternoon, a minibus driver alongwith conductor and a friend of their’s forcibly pulled inside the bus a Traffic Police ASI from Janipur High court chowk. After this the Traffic cop was thrashed in the moving bus.

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The traffic ASI was standing at Janipur Main Stop barrier and around 3pm in the afternoon when he stopped the minibus with the three accused men. For a violation, the ASI had inquired the driver whether he should write a court challan or compound the vehicle and this led to an argument between the two. This is when the conductor and the third persons pulled the ASI inside the mini-bus and thrashed the cop in the moving bus till KC Chowk.

When they saw police at Bakshi Nagar, they left the bus and scrammed. A case has been registered against Rahul Singh (driver) of Kot Bhalwal, the conductor and their accomplice under sections 365, 342, 354 and 24 of the RPC.

None of the three men have been arrested so far.

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