Traffic diversion details for Parade-Kachi Chawni area

Jammu, October 22: Keeping in view the security arrangements for Dussehra celebrations in the evening at Parade ground, all the entry points leading to Parade Ground have been closed today.

These are the details of the diversions which are effective at the moment and will stay till the end of festivities at Parade Ground.

  • Traffic from Kachi Chawni Library to Parade has been diverted to Rotary Chowk 
  • Traffic from Rotary Chowk to Parade is closed diverted to Shalamar directly
  • People headed towards the Parade ground area can walk from Kachi Chawni Chowk
  • The Jhanki is scheduled between 4 pm and 5 pm and will start from Rani Park to culminate at Parade ground


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