Traffic police filling pockets by charging ‘double’ for wrong parking


 Jammu, September 12: The traffic police of Jammu is making a fool of traffic violators by charging them double for towing of their wrongly parked vehicles.

Demanding bribes is an old news now, these cops have discovered a new way to fill their pockets. As per a report in a local daily, the department has hired some cranes from a private contractor to tow the vehicles parked wrongly in the city. The department charges Rs 600 from the violator as the crane charges but they pay only 242 rupees to the contractor per vehicle.

The reports further alleges that the traffic cops tow away the vehicle parked in the non-parking area and park it in Gulshan Ground from where the vehicle owners can get their vehicles released after paying the fine along with the crane charges. The vehicle owners on releasing their vehicles get two receipts, one as a challan of Rs 608 for wrong parking and the other receipt of the contractor for crane charges of Rs 242. But the sources have revealed that the challan of Rs 608 that the vehicle owner pays is inclusive of crane charges and the fine as well. Hence, the other 242 rupees paid by the violator, that goes directly to the pockets of cops and the other involved.


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