Traffic police in Jammu needs masks, health screening to be more productive


jmtrib1By Citizen Journalist Rohan

Every day thousands of vehicles, small and big, pollution free and those spoiling the green environs crisscross the length of ‘city of temples’ and several hundred of them use city bypass to reconnect with the Jammu-Srinagar National highway.

To regulate their smooth movement and to check rampant violation of traffic rules the men in blue uniform can be seen toiling hard at vantage points.

Apart from regulating traffic the men in blue uniform also help passengers find their way enroute their final destination. In some cases people also complain about their unhelpful behaviour and highhandedness when it comes to dealing with traffic violators.

But when it comes to looking after their well being and providing safe working conditions the state government and senior police authorities fail to come to their rescue or provide inadequate facilities which are not good enough to address their genuine concern.

These traffic police men are considered the back bone of the police department and without their presence on ground zero there will be complete chaos and confusion on the over crowded streets and busy roads.

According to a health survey conducted on a number of traffic police men, deployed in busy areas, almost each one of them is suffering from respiratory problems and in the absence of adequate resting hours they are spoiling their health.

The discharge their duties even without wearing masks while standing tall in most polluted areas of the city.

The traffic police department may have procured masks but they are seldom distributed among the men on duty.

The senior officers occupying high posts in the police headquarters must address the basic issue related to their safety and better health and to begin with provide them with the mask so that they can breathe fresh air and stay healthy while discharging their duties.

In the past several campaigns and seminars were organised at regular intervals to spread the awareness but it seems when it comes to extending basic facilities to these ‘unsung heroes’ the traffic police department and other arms of state machinery go in to hiding and simply pass on the buck.

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