Traffic Police sets up helpline for commuters


Every day, we hear about loss of precious lives in the road accidents and this is besides people receiving grievous injuries. We cannot count the number of road accidents happening on daily basis but we can actively do little things to prevent them.

We often ignore these common traffic rules – Do not use Cell Phone while driving, always wear helmets, use seat belt etc and when an accident happens we blame the traffic police.

Traffic Police

The Traffic Police obviously cannot man every nook and corner. Prevention is any day better than cure and it becomes our duty to follow the rules as well as help the police implement these rules.


Our participation can change things and in the longer run save precious lives.

Any commuter can use these Safety rules:

Maintaining speed limit, wearing helmet, wear crash helmet and no triple riding on two wheelers,

Wear seat belt while driving, no mobile phone while driving, obeying traffic lights and using zebra crossings.

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