Traffic restrictions on the eve of Independence Day, 2015

JAMMU: On 15-8-2015 in Jammu city, in view of Independence Day, 2015, the following traffic restrictions are hereby imposed in Jammu city  for the convenience of general public:-

A. Routes to be Adopted by the Private Vehicles and Two Wheelers Carrying General Public for Witnessing the Independence Day Celebrations other than Invitees:   CPO Chowk-Amphalla-B.C Road-Shakuntala-K.C Crossing-IndiraChowk-Shalamar-Ranbireshwar Temple /JDA Parking. Bikram Chowk-Dogra Chowk-JP Chowk-Indira Chowk-Shalamar-Ranbireshwar Temple-JDA Parking. Canal Head-Jewel Chowk-Dogra Chgowk-JPchowk-Indira Chowk-Shalamar-Ranbireshwar Temple / JDA Parking. Bakshi Nagar-Shakuntla-KC Crossing-Indira Chowk-Shalamar-Ranbireshwar Temple- JDA Parking. Janipur-New Plot/Amphalla-B.C road-Rehari Chungi-Shakuntla-KC Crossing-Indira Chow-Shalamar-Ranbireshwar Temple-JDA Parking.

 B. NO ENTRY POINTS :- (For all kind of commercial vehicles and those who are without invitation passes)   K.C Crossing, Shakuntla Crossing,Rehari Crossing,Library Chowk,CPO Chowk,Maheshpura,Vigilance Rotary,Ranbireshwar Temple,Indira Chowk, Sidhra Bridge to Radio Station(Heavy vehicles)

2. Library Chowk to Parade.

3. Ranbireshwar Temple to Parade.

4. Vigilance Rotary to Parade.

5. Fly Over(except for Pass holders) Buses   Fly over (except for Pass holders) Trucks  Shall not cross No-entry points till further order

 E. Parking Places to be vacated on 15th August,2015   Parade, Indira Chowk, JDA Parking, Shalamar, Road Side Parking from CPO Chowk to Ranbireshwar Temple, Shalamar.

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