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Tragic! Train runs over three selfie-clicking youths

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Bengaluru: A train ran over three youths on Tuesday while they were reportedly clicking selfies on railway tracks near here, police said.

The incident took place at around 8.30 a.m. between Hejjala and Bidadi stations.

“The youths were run over by Golgumbaz Express going to Mysuru from Bengaluru. Witnesses claimed they were taking selfies. We are investigating,” General Railway Police Superintendant of Police N. Chaitra told IANS.

The bodies were mutilated and scattered on the tracks over a distance. The victims are yet to be identified.

“Two motorbikes belonging to the victims were parked near the tracks parallel to the Mysuru road where the Wanderla amusement park is located. Two backpacks were also found,” Chaitra added.

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