Transfers and postings in personal section of Dy CM

In the interest of administration, the following transfers and postings are hereby ordered with immediate effect:-

1. Mr. Shakti Kumar Pathak, Superintendent of Police, awaiting orders of adjustment in the PHQ, is posted as Officer on Special Duty with the Deputy Chief Minister.

2. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Private Secretary with the Commissioner/Secretary to Government, Public Works (R&B) Department, is transferred and posted as Private Secretary with the Deputy Chief Minister.

The above transfers are ordered in relaxation of Government Order No. 268-GAD of 2015 dated 4.3.2015 to the extent it prescribes the mandatory cooling off period of two years between the two spells of deployment in the personal sections of the Ministers.

It is further ordered that:

(i) The deployment of Mr. Shakti Kumar Pathak in the personal section of the Deputy Chief Minister shall be in his own pay and grade and subject to the terms and conditions contained in Government Order No. 268-GAD of 2015 dated 4.3.2015 read with Government Order No. 307-GAD of 2015 dated 9.3.2015;

(ii) the decision to post Mr. Shakti Kumar Pathak as OSD with the Deputy Chief Minister will be one time exception and shall not in any case affect the laid down policy in this regard; and

(iii) the arrangement shall subsist till such time Mr. Shakti Kumar Pathak continues as such. By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

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