Transformers bank with 500 units capacity demanded for Jammu


Jammu, May 12: Citizen’s Forum urged Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to establish power transformer bank which could hold 500 such units in Jammu so that in case of need, Power Development Department (PDD) could replace the transformers.

Forum has said that it is necessary so that if a transformer is burnt it could be replaced within few hours. “It has been seen that at places of non priority or poor people surroundings Transformers are replaced after 15 days, that too after a great hue and cry and this should end”, said R K Chadha, forum president.

He said that every summer sweltering heat at 40-45 degree makes people spent sleepless nights. Heat strokes and water born diseases out of the unhygienic conditions created in the atmosphere bring extra miseries for the poor people.

Chadha said that it is estimated that last year about 500 Power Transformers have burnt in Jammu province during the summer months. That is about 125 power transformers burn every week.

“The reason explained by department is over loading of power by consumers than the registered power sanctioned . At many places department has put 10 times bigger capacity transformers but still these get burnt because of over loading or poor quality equipment”, said Chadha.

The cost of 500 Power Transformers is nothing but a mere petty sanction for a central as well as a state government, but it will give an enormous amount of relief to sweltering humane beings.

The statement has been issued by S S Wazir, Retd. ADG. Police, S S Lehar, Advocate, Arun Sharma Retd. Chief Engineer, R K Handa, Retd Vice chairman JDA, S R Sudhir ( Congress), Nirmal Kamal (BJP), Manjit Manocha, Advocate Aditya Sharma, Kewal Mahajan, J S Chauhan and Ramesh Mahajan.

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