Transformers in Gandhi Nagar to Burn in Three Weeks

With the onset of summers and scorching heat taking a toll on us, one thing that relaxes us after we toil the entire day out is coming home to AC’s, Coolers and thanda paani. But wait, There is no Light!! The transformer has Blown up.

WHY? Garmiyan aa Gyi!!

The poor guy who has slaved the entire day at his workplace just wants to get some air and feel homely. But how is that going to happen when there is no electricity?

Transformers getting bombed out is a common sight in Jammu. Not just Gandhi Nagar, but Trikuta Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Channi Himmat, Nanak Nagar and almost all parts of the city are subjected to this step-motherly treatment. Summers evidently mean No Electricity in sadda Jammu.

Isn’t our Electricity Department efficient enough? Doesn’t our Government know how to tackle a phenomenon that is so repetitive? Clueless aren’t we?

Loads have increased excessively by the day. The number of air conditioners in a single household has multiplied and this has boosted the amount of load on the poor transformers some of which give up in the first few days of installation.

With mercury soaring, and heat being almost impossible to handle, the ACs and coolers are at our service throughout the day. It becomes almost impossible to move around without the AC. As a result – BOOM!!! Light’s gone! AC gone! and the Transformer is literally Dead!

What happens next is even more interesting. These dead, useless transformers are repaired. Yes, repaired and repaired again. And after 48-72hours of Bijli ka Cut, we finally get the light back. HOORAAHHH !! Life gets back on pace, Refrigerators use their magical powers to cool the tarbooz and the water, so do the ACs and coolers and it’s a Happy day all over again.

But Wait, what is that….BOOM!! Another explosion and the newly fixed transformer is back to its dead self. You see the problem here is not with the fixing. Rather the problem lies in the fact that the load isn’t being shed and the same old Low Wattage Transformer is expected to do the job. Why does not the government install higher capacity transformers in the first place planning for the future instead of planning for yesterday?

That sad little transformer has been burdened beyond any measure, what good is that machine anyways with the mounting loads? It can buy us a few hours of hope, that’s it. What is needed is the proper estimation of load in a particular area, and then subsequent installation of the apt Wattage Transformer. But till that happens, we need to brace ourselves for what’s bound to happen anyways.

Summer Is Coming!

Boom! Badaam-bam!

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