Transport Nagar in Jammu in shambles, needs massive turnaround


offroad accident at transport nagar  (4)The Transport Nagar in Jammu which was developed as a truck terminal for the city is in a shambles as it has been left to ruin with no proper sanitation, poor sewerage, water logging in most areas; poor water, and power supply and broken roads. Instead of ensuring that the crucial transport infrastructure provides good service to the truckers the Transport Nagar which was developed by JDA in the start of nineties has been left to rot

It was promised that this truck terminal will ensure that the city roads do not suffer congestion, over-crowding and pollution by trucks plying in congested areas during busy hours. The setting up transport nagar on the Jammu by-pass was an ideal way to provide a large space to the truck industry which carries large import and export items in and out of the state including fruits, and oil.

The terminal had 30 blocks, and more than a thousand shops meant to cater to the needs of the truckers, and labour which was engaged in work here. Garages for repair, and other services were also provisioned in the plan but the condition of this project in subsequent years has gone from bad to worse. The roads in Transport Nagar are in bad shape, streets have not been paved for years, the toilets are not functional, garbage removal has not been thought of, there is severe waterlogging, and basic infrastructure is also in bad shape.

Transporters say that since heavy trucks ply on the roads, it is duty of the authorities to repair them over a time period, and also ensure that side roads, and internal roads are also in good shape. With civic conditions touching a nadir many local truckers prefer to take their vehicles home which defeats the very purpose of having a transport nagar created on the outskirts of Jammu.


Traders in the area complain that water supply is very erratic, and power supply also causes untold trauma as supply is irregular, and keeps on fluctuating. They allege that government has forgotten the transport nagar after building it with much fanfare, and demand that it should come back and begin a turnaround.