Trapping Solar power in J&K

By Roarke

For the last few years, the demand for power in Jammu and Kashmir has grown crossing 17500 Million units. According to some reports, there is approximately 22-24 percent power deficit. The main reason for shortage of power is losses owing to transmission and distribution of  electricity which amounts to 60 percent. Besides, power theft is another matter of concern as there are more than 50 percent unmetered connections in the state.

Additionally, we are more dependent on the Central Government agencies for our power needs causing a huge financial burden on the State. In the current fiscal year, the expense on power purchase (till Sep) is estimated to be about 2500 crore, forcing our government to pay more than 30,000 crore of our money for purchasing power in the last ten years.

Now our motive should be on the cost effective alternative renewable energy technologies to boost the power generation from  current 2830 MW to the point where our fundamental power needs can be met. Whether we get some control of hydro-energy being generated by NHPC is for later. We have another rich source to generate electricity and we are not tapping it at all.

As we know, our State has immense potential to produce solar power. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most abundant energy sources which can play a vital role in reinforcing the energy sector in J&K. Solar energy can be utilised in the far-flung hilly areas. The State Govt should support private firms to establish Solar thermal projects in order to make our State self reliant in the power which in turn will help our Government to achieve the target of 175 GW solar power from current 20 GW and will also help out India to become the largest green energy producers by 2022.

We can chart out a plan for generation of Solar Power which can really restructure the energy panorama of our State.We can plan to develop solar power for airports, just in equivalence with Cochin Airport, where continuous power supply is available through Solar Power, producing 48000 units in a day. The 12 MW plant at Cochin airport can provide 50,000 units in a day to cover electricity needs that can cut at least 300,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission equivalent to planting 3 million trees. Solar power has big potential to alter the way we can receive energy.

Under the present conditions , the major benefit of Solar Energy would be to provide clean energy by reducing green house gases for a better future of our Planet. The potential of Solar energy is best harnessed by two Swiss pilots who flew Solar impulse-2 (solar aircraft) from Abu Dhabi to Muscat to India in Ahmedabad followed by Varanasi to mountainous areas in China, Japan and to Hawaii covering distance of 7,212 Km@ speed of 216 km/hr with unrefueled journey.

Solar impulse is powered by Sun with 17,000 Solar cells that can charge that keep it going through the night and cloudy seasons. The biggest social and economical impact of Solar energy is that it can be constantly restocked and will never run out and will be providing clean power of sufficient quantity to the power deprived people in our State. Let us take a vow to save electricity and install latest Technologies to substitute old infrastructure for the sustainable development of our state.

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