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Tricks to play Chess on FB Messenger

And if someone needs more reasons to stay on Facebook for a long time, you have a great option to play chess game on the Facebook Messenger and can have fun with your friends.

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All you need to do is type @fbchess play in the chat box to start the game with your friend. As soon as you send this text to your friend, a chessboard will pop up and then you can move those pieces by following respective commands. The pieces involved are labelled with simple Standard Algebraic Notation, i.e. K for king, N for knights, P for pawns and so on. For example , “@fbchess P3” would move a pawn to B3.

And if you need complete instructions or rules to play the game, kindly type in “@fbchess help”.

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This command will help you have a look at different commands you need to apply for moving pieces on the chessboard and play the game.For example, the game permits you to offer a draw with “@fbchess draw offer,” and undo moves with “@fbchess undo.”

So with this little trick you can play chess in the messenger. There must be many other tricks which are yet to be discovered. We will inform you whenever we will find an interesting one. Till then, enjoy playing chess on Facebook.