Triple Talaq victim threatens to ‘convert’ to Hinduism or commit Suicide

Uttrakhand : In a new video which went viral on Wednesday, a Muslim woman Shamim Jahan, a native of Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand who was given triple talaq by her husband Asif inside Gadarpur police station has threatened either to convert to Hinduism or commit suicide if she did not get justice.

“After my experience, I think it is better to convert to Hinduism as these things do not happen in Hinduism. The other option is suicide. Through media, I want this video to get the attention of Modiji and Yogiji and I hope they give justice to me. I have suffered a lot,” she says in the video.

Jahan married 12 years ago. Asif divorced her right after four years of marriage. However, with some counselling from family elders, after completing the Halala period of 40 days, the two were reunited. But he started physically abusing her soon. The matter reached Gadarpur Police Station. However, what happened after that left everyone stunned. He came and said ‘talaq talaq talaq’ to her at the police station itself as the police persons looked on. (AGENCIES)