Truck crushes motorbike at Green belt; Man escapes death

Jammu, October 02: A man escaped near death as the motorcycle he was riding rammed right into a truck. According to witnesses present on the spot, the two-wheeler rider was driving a bit too fast and rammed right into the truck that was crossing. The two wheeler was damaged after the truck climbed over the bike instantly crushing it. The man magically survived even as he went right under the truck but has received many injuries..

The two-wheeler rider, Suresh Verma, S/o Sant Ram Sharma, is a resident of Gadigarh and has not been able to get through to his family or friends. He has provided this number: 9796011286. Anyone who recognizes this man please get in touch with him.

Meanwhile, the truck driver was caught by the traffic police and has been taken away for questioning.

Accident Green Belt Park (2) 
Accident Green Belt Park (7)   Accident Green Belt Park (9)  Accident Green Belt Park (10)

Accident Green Belt Park (6)


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