Two Brothers Die in Road Accident as Passers-by Refuse to Help


New Delhi: Two brothers bleed to death in Old Nangal Raya area of Delhi Cantonment when their bike hit a road divider. The passers-by turned a blind eye as one of their brothers kept crying for help. One of the victims is in a critical condition, police reported. The men were heading to a temple in Chhatarpur for Navratra on a bike when it hit the divider. The brothers are identified as Manish and Kanhaiya, whereas the boy who is battling for life is identified as Vicky.

Manish and Kanhaiya’s family told the police that at least 100 vehicles must have passed through the accident spot, but only one stopped and made a PCR call. A call to police was made by a person driving a white Maruti Swift and informed them about the accident. They were taken to a nearby hospital. The doctors declared the two brothers dead, reported Times of India.

Along with Manish, Kanhaiya, and Vicky, some of their other brothers were also riding on another bike that was a few metres away. One of the brothers Kartik told TOI that he asked for help by knocking on every car window that slowed down. However, no one came forward to help. One of the men told Kartik that he will not help his brothers as he pledged never to help an accident victim as once he helped a man who met with an accident, and the man had blamed him instead of being thankful. (Also Read: Four killed in Jammu-Srinagar highway accident)

The police informed that these two boys were lying on the road in a pool of blood. The police are investigating the case and also scanning the CCTV footage from the accident spot.

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