Two drug peddlers arrested; intoxicants seized in Samba

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Jammu : With drug culture on the rise in the Samba district of Jammu division, the Police forces have started a rigorous undertaking regarding the same. Every nook and corner of the city is being watched, from every road junction to even the tiniest of the streets, the police are watching it all.

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At one of their checkpoints, the police were successful in nabbing down two suspects who were carrying drug capsules with them.

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As per the police source, when their vehicle was stopped for checking, the two culprits started baffling. The police got suspicious to their strange behaviour and started rifling them. During the search, the police discovered  nearly fifty drug capsules.

The two have been identified as Deva Singh, resident of Kamala, and Mangal Das, resident of Radiyan. They have been taken under police custody.

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A case has been registered against them and investigation has started.

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